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About this section

In this section, you will find comprehensive material which is unsuited for publishing in the "current issue" section. Most of the items you can find here are longer than 200 printed pages, and many of them have got hundreds of footnotes which would be exhausting to format into a single page. For this reason, all the work that is featured here have been compiled for a custom system.

By clicking on the read icons, you can get to the beginning of each article. As always, keep an eye on the news for updates here.


Our footnoting system has been written to display footnotes in the upper right corner of the pages. You can access these by clicking a footnote that looks like this: (32) - Clicking a red number like this will give you the corresponding footnote number.
Navigation through the material is done by clicking next and previous page. These links are located at the bottom of each page. The last page will lead you back to the main page through an equivalent link. Happy reading!

The Leader, the Party and the Politics

Peder Furubotn and the Communist Party of Norway, his desire to change the world, his conceptual models, opportunities and actions.

The history of a Norwegian revolutionary the development and realisation of his ideas.

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