The Communist Chronicles

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The idea behind Communist Chronicles is to make documents on Communist history available for both the generally interested reader and for scholars. This first issue contains documents concerned with the relations between the CPSU and the Norwegian Communist Party (NKP) for the years 1945-47. In addition we have included some articles which are related to the published documents - to enable a better understanding both on the matters presented in the documents and of the period in the history of Communism.

The documents will give you greater insight not only into the history of Communism in Norway, but also into Soviet inner-political mechanisms and into the Soviet way of dealing with foreign Communist parties.

By publishing this material on the Internet, we would like to invite readers to comment on the documents or make contributions related to the subject matter. We believe that many of the events and actions mentioned will be understood even more when seen in a comparative perspective in an international context. For this purpose, see our Forum.

NB: The forum is still not finalized, but in test stage internally. You will get a public notice in the news section when this part of the site is available. -Webmaster

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